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Live Guitar Recording

Live Recording – Jeff Hughes

We tested some new recording gear at a live open mic night, and Jeff Hughes came in, and he’s really good. So I whipped out my phone and captured a bit of video.

In post production, I added the cleanly recorded audio to the low-quality video, and here you go, Jeff Hughes playing A Childhood’s Dream by David Qualey.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folder Categories – Advantages and Disadvantages

When you need presentation folders, first consider which of the two broad categories you’re looking for.

  • Full-Color Printing
  • Specialty Card Stock

Full-Color Printing

This is photographic type printing including washes of solid colors, rainbows and gradients. The whole folder can be a photograph or a solid color. It can be a mix of photographs, text and graphics. Printing is included on the inside flaps. Sometimes printing is included on the entire inside.

Papers are limited but include a good selection of white and some textured whites and off whites.

Specialty finishes like spot glossy, silk laminate and foils are available to make the design look and feel pretty slick.


  • price
  • flexibility in design
  • special finishes can be unique, slick and classy


  • misses the feel that comes only with specialty card stock

Specialty Card Stock

The priority is on the card stock, the texture, the color, the weight, the feel.

Imprinting is usually spot color including solid inks, foils and embossing.


  • the feel that comes only with specialty card stock


  • price
  • graphic design can be limited to solid shapes and text