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AMP – Finally, Mobile Optimized Standards

Yay…I’m celebrating the start and initial spread of Accelerated Mobile Pages (“AMP”) Project.

In October, Google and other industry partners announced it’s support of AMP. It’s been adopted by the likes of BBC and The New York Times and lots of other big players.  It’s a standard for creating faster, compatible sites for mobile devices.

My long-time frustration with much of WordPress (and similar software) is the big file size served to small screens and limited bandwidth devices. Pages are often complicated and sometimes incompatible. It makes viewing slow or difficult.

AMP offers some promise for a swing in the industry, from overly complicated mobile sites, to more usable and faster sites. I wouldn’t try to predict the future of AMP, but I think it’s a worthy step in the right direction. In the meantime, I’m studying up.

AMP is taking off, and I glad it is. I hope this is a milestone in mobile website development.

More Info

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