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Website Security

Google is Giving Priority to Secure Websites

Google is pushing to make the internet more secure, and they want websites to use a secure protocol. You’ve probably seen “https” at the beginning of some website addresses in your browser. That “s” at the end means “secure”. It means data sent to and from the site is encrypted.

Google is already giving some search priority to secure sites that have the “https” in the address. Starting this summer, they’re also updating Chrome to display “Not Secure” on all sites without the “https”.

In the future, we can expect them to give more search priority to secure sites and lower priority to sites without security.

Is this important?

Yes in most cases.

If your site’s search placement is important, this is important. If your site is mostly a brochure site found by direct links or information in other marketing material, it’s not as important.

Sites hosted by Pacesetter Media can be secured for a first-time charge of $55 and $35 per year after the first year. (More advanced security and encryption is available, but most need only the basics.)

The charges for securing sites hosted elsewhere depend on the hosting services.

This will likely become more and more important as Google continues to encourage businesses to encrypt their websites.

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