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Client Project - Fish Huge Logo and Website

Fish Huge – Logo and E-Commerce Website

Here’s a recently completed project. It started with a logo. After that, Chris hired Pacesetter Media for the website.

The Logo

Fish Huge Logo

Chris wanted to capture the passion of fishing…fishing huge…in a simple logo. And the logo had to work on bumper stickers, shirts, hats and more. After some discussions and a few rounds of ideas, we finished it up.

The Web Site – “Apparel for Extreme Fishing”

Fish Huge Website

Fish Huge sells shirts with the Fish Huge logo.  So the new website includes:

  • e-commerce
  • SSL encryption (https)
  • retouching and Photoshop work on client photographs
  • custom design
  • SEO and contact plugins
  • custom WordPress plugin
  • Google Analytics