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Map Showing Tampa Area Promotional Items Suppliers

Tampa Bay Area Promo Items Catalogs for Local Government

Local governments try to buy locally to support the local economy. Sometimes they contact Pacesetter Media about promotional items, awards, gifts, signs, and printing. However, promotional items are sold by local businesses, but they’re typically produced in other states and in other countries.

Here’s what I suggest to keep more of our tax dollars local.

How The Promo Items Business Works

Promotional items are sold by local distributors, BUT they’re imprinted by suppliers located throughout the country and throughout the world.

A good idea for local government is to choose promotional items that are imprinted locally. This isn’t always possible, but when it is, here are some suppliers (imprinters) with operations around Tampa Bay.

Tampa Area Promotional Items Suppliers (imprinters)

You can’t buy from the following companies directly; they sell only through distributors. But you can look at their online catalogs and know you’re supporting both a local distributor and a local supplier when you select items from their catalogs. Contact Pacesetter Media to get a quote on an item.

Glow Promotions

We’ve worked with Glow Promotions a little. We found them to be wonderful people. They’re located in Tampa.

Glow Promotions started in 1987 offering glow products (like glow sticks), and they still do. Now they’re specialties include tablecloths, emery boards and raffle tickets, floor mats, decals and sublimated baby items. Plus they have the only Glow Sticks that are truly made in the USA.

Koozie Group

Koozie Group is a very big supplier with lots of items. They used to be called BicGraphic (the Bic pens company). They have a Tampa mailing address, imprint pens in Clearwater, and imprint almost everything else in other states. The headquarters is in Pinellas County.

Brands include Koozie®, Atchison®, BIC®, Titleist® and Leatherman® items.

Hit Promo

Hit Promo is a very big supplier in Largo. Ranking among the top five suppliers in the nation, they offer a wide array of products.

Hit Promo is a family-owned business that has an extensive inventory and a commitment to sustainability. Brands include PostIt®, Lysol®, Levis®, SwigLife®, Gildan® and lots more.


We haven’t worked with GEMPIRE, but they’re located in Tampa. They’re a leading manufacturer and importer of Lapel Pins, Jigsaw Puzzles, Holiday Ornaments, Key Rings, Bookmarks, Bobble Top Pins, Embroidered Patches, Golf Accessories, Logo Pushpins™ and our patented Hidden Loop Pin.

Innovative Designs, Inc.

We haven’t worked with Innovative Designs, but they’re located in St. Petersburg. They specialize in custom-designed corporate gifts, incomparable wooden keepsake gift boxes, as well as quality laser-etched glass, acrylic, metal, wood and marble items.


We haven’t worked with Autoplate, but they’re located in St. Petersburg. They specialize in custom printed license plates and frames.

How to Order Products From these Suppliers

Contact Pacesetter Media to get a quote and order the items you find at these local suppliers.

Send Us Info about other Suppliers

This is not necessarily a comprehensive list. If we missed anybody, send us the info on our Contact Us page.