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Branding is how your company is identified and understood by your audience, usually through business communications like advertising, brochures and websites.Branding, Logo, Letterhead, Business Card, Envelopes

Several items are usually part of branding:

  • logo
  • corporate colors
  • tag lines and slogans
  • business cards, letterhead, envelopes

But branding can include almost anything:

  • key benefits or features
  • brochures, signs and printed material, all with a design consistent with the brand
  • product packaging
  • statements of purpose or mission
  • charitable donations and partnerships
  • company uniforms
  • membership in chambers and industry organizations
  • vehicle design and signage
  • position(s) within a market
  • anything else that’s important to how your company, product and services are perceived by your audience

Beyond a generic list like this, your branding is unique to your situation and your audience. So a more extensive branding project is best done as part of your business plans, marketing plans or promotion plans.

In other words, branding is part of a bigger project. Beyond some basics, branding requirements follow the bigger project.

Creating Your Brand Strategy

Branding Events - Logo, Social Media, PostersWe start with information gathering and an interview. We’ll ask questions so we understand your business, your audience and goals, and we’ll develop a branding and promotion plan for you.

  • Goals
  • Audience(s)
  • Promotional Strategies
  • Key Selling Points
  • Messaging
  • Events
  • Mailings
  • Logos and Colors
  • Brochures, Fliers
  • Public Relations and Press Releases

More Than the Commodities

The commodities are one thing…the brochures, the logos, the websites, the pens. We can handle that.

When you need more than just the commodites, we have the expertise and experience to help you brainstorm, design and create your strategy, your materials, your brand. We’re capable and professional.

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