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Tampa Logo Design

Logo Design Examples, Medium and Small: Fish Huge, Momentum Festival, Pinnacle Installations and Services

Logos that work at all sizes, with the right files.

It starts with a simple rendering. It progresses to variations in fonts, color and shading.

The goal: a practical logo that works as a small one-color graphic or as a full-color video animation.

That’s our approach.

Healthcare Logo Design, Irwin Acupuncture
Logo in Shape of a Bottle Cap, with a World Map

How Much Does Logo Design Cost?

  • Type Treatments: $150 to $250
  • Type with Lines, Shapes and Accents: $200 to $500
  • Illustrations and Animations: starting at $800
  • Full Service Art Direction, Creative Briefs, Design, Illustrations, Multiple Versions/Reviews, and a Brand Guide: Plan for a budget of $1500 to $5000

What Do You Get?

  • Professional Design
  • The Right Kinds of Files
  • Vector Files (can be resized)
  • High-Resolution Raster Files (JPG, PNG or TIF)
  • Web and Screen Files (JPG, PNG or WEBP)
Law Firm Logo Design, The Haynes Law Firm

Custom Logo Design

We design logos to capture the quality, philosophy and brand that’s important to your company. We apply the rules of design and the requirements of real-world use in print and on screen. We create a distinct look that can be reproduced on business cards, signs, web sites and brochures.

Health Care Logo, Bay Area TMJ & Sleep Center
Printer Logo Design, Chappy Printing

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Our Process is Simple and Flexible

Take a look around you right now in your office or home. Look at logos of big companies that spend tens of thousands of dollars for a logo. You’ve seen them before: HP, Nike, Epson, Lays, Colgate-Palmolive, and I could go on.

The biggest companies have simple logos.

Even the companies that make graphic design software like Adobe, Microsoft and Corel. They all have simple logos.

Why? A logo appears in many different places and sizes: web sites, business cards, brochures, tee shirts, hats, pens and everywhere else. It should be usable in any media. It should be easy to recognize big or small.

We use a process that’s efficient and effective. We can run through it as many times as you need to get a design you want with versions that work in different media.

It Starts with a Logotype

Just text. Or text and basic geometric shapes. Make sure that works first.

If this is what you want, this is it.

Apparel Logo Design, 501 Shirts

Add a Logomark

Then add accents, geometric shapes. Any computer generated line/shape/space/form elements. Then color. Make sure that works.

If this is what you want, this is it.

Industrial Logo Design, Nu Co Companies

Illustration, Animation, Effects

Then add illustrations, ideally with a one-color option.

We can get you from here to there, from simple to outlandishly cool, whatever the creative brief calls for.

If you want to get extra fancy, add animations

Logo with Illustration of Home, Tree, Landscape
Logo Design, Hillsborough County Parks
Logo Animation, Video Bumper for A Better Choice Network Solutions

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Professional Group Logo Design, Brandon Biz Pros
Non-Profit Logo Design Example, Brandon Foundation