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Embrace the Tech, Embrace the Performance: Practice

What do I suggest to businesses who used to go to events to sell and make connections?

Embrace the tech.

Like it or not, online meetings and personal video publishing is a big part of business now. We all have to get used to it and adapt to it.

Embrace the Performance

Remember the first time you did a sales pitch? Or the first time you went to a networking event and spoke for a minute about your business? You practiced. You thought about what you would say, perhaps you did a dressed rehearsal. The first time was, in essence, a practice run. You improved as you did more sales pitches and short “commercials” at networking events.

In the same way, personal video publishing is a performance.


Take time to set up your camera and microphone. Test your set up.

Move lights. Practice running presentations in a meeting. See if software like OBS is something you can use.

In a word: Practice.

Check out the short video.