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Promotional Pens

Choosing a Promotional Pen

It seems simple, choosing a promotional pen. And it can be. But you have LOTS of options.

You should begin your selection with one of three different priorities:

  • quality
  • budget
  • consistency


When you want a quality pen, you have two broad categories.

Gift Pens

Gift PenThese are typically metal, and they start around $3 each and go up to $515.06 each. Really! I can sell you 15 pens for $515.06 each. Here’s the link.

Back to reality. They start around $3 each and go to more than $100 for high-end pens and desk sets. These are nice gifts for top clients and VIPs.

Mid Range Giveaway Pens

These are nice pens but still affordable for quantity giveaways like trade shows. Prices are between $.75 and $3 each.


When budget is a high priority, there are always budget pens on sale or close out. Some can be as low as $.12 each when you buy high quantities and can wait for overseas production. Otherwise, $.35 each for a quantity of 300 is a good planning point.

The disadvantage is you won’t necessarily find the same pen on sale the next time you buy pens.


When you want the same pen all the time, you generally can’t buy based only on price. You can still get a budget pen, but it might not be on sale when you’re ready to restock.

Best Bets for Budget and Consistency

Here are some good options that are usually in stock and meet most budgets.

Dart Style Pen

This style is available from lots of suppliers, so it’s virtually always available for $.45-$.60 each.

Dart Pen Info

Bic Clic Stic

This is a very popular option. They’re made to order by Bic in Clearwater, Florida, so they are always available with over 600 color combinations.

For a basic pen, they are a little pricey at $.78 each (minimum quantity of 300), but it’s Bic quality, and you can often find them on sale. (Recently, they have been on sale for $.57 each.)

Bic Clic Stic Info

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folder Categories – Advantages and Disadvantages

When you need presentation folders, first consider which of the two broad categories you’re looking for.

  • Full-Color Printing
  • Specialty Card Stock

Full-Color Printing

This is photographic type printing including washes of solid colors, rainbows and gradients. The whole folder can be a photograph or a solid color. It can be a mix of photographs, text and graphics. Printing is included on the inside flaps. Sometimes printing is included on the entire inside.

Papers are limited but include a good selection of white and some textured whites and off whites.

Specialty finishes like spot glossy, silk laminate and foils are available to make the design look and feel pretty slick.


  • price
  • flexibility in design
  • special finishes can be unique, slick and classy


  • misses the feel that comes only with specialty card stock

Specialty Card Stock

The priority is on the card stock, the texture, the color, the weight, the feel.

Imprinting is usually spot color including solid inks, foils and embossing.


  • the feel that comes only with specialty card stock


  • price
  • graphic design can be limited to solid shapes and text

T-Shirt Screen Printing Prices

T-shirts…everybody wants to know the price of imprinting on t-shirts. Of course, it depends on specifics. What I can do here is provide prices for a typical screen printing project, so here goes.

Choosing a Shirt

There are thousands of options. Here’s a good place to start:

If you find something online but can’t find it here, call and we’ll find it.

BTW: Most prices you find at the above catalog are for 144 shirts of more. Contact us for a quote on a particular quantity of a particular shirt.


Standard T Shirts like this one are usually on sale for $3.50 at low quantities.

This performance fabric shirt is on sale today for $4.50 at low quantities.

Sales change weekly. Usually the same shirts are on sale for about the same price, but it might change any given week.

Screen Printing

Set Up

There’s usually a set up charge for creating the screens and setting up the machines for your job.

Screen Printing Set Up (one color on light shirts): $30


These prices are for imprinting one color on light shirts.

24-35 qty: $3.80 each
36-47 qty: $3.24 each
48-71 qty: $2.76 each
72-143 qty: $2.28 each
144-287 qty: $2.00 each

Sample T-Shirt Pricing

Here’s a sample t-shirt quote for a sale-price Gildan – Ultra Cotton™ 100% Cotton T-Shirt 2000, one color imprint on one side. It includes a shipping estimate and Florida sales tax.

QtyEachSet UpImprint EachSubtotalShipping EstimateTaxTotal

500 Shirts is the Magic Number

The piece price goes down as the quantity goes up. At 500 shirts, suppliers offer special pricing, and imprint prices are under $1.25 each. At over 700 pieces, imprinting is under $1 each.

Of course, if you need a detailed quote on your project, call Pacesetter Media at (813) 685-9206.