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Content Management, A Valuable, Underused Feature of WordPress

We manage numerous sites using WordPress software, and one feature that’s underused is content management. It is a tool to handle the publishing of information on your site…text, pictures, video.

First, this gives you the ability to update the text of your site anytime. With a routine log in, you can edit text, create new pages, and collaborate with others in your organization.

Second, it has user roles. One person (contributor) can create a page draft and add text. Another person (editor) can review, edit, and publish it. You can also schedule the publication date. This makes it a collaboration tool. Multiple people can contribute content, and managers can oversee it and publish when they want.

Different departments can have access to different parts of your site. Sales staff can manage the brochure section, and support staff can manage customer support pages like product documentation.

If you have a site built with WordPress software, you can do all of that and more.

Updating Your Site Can Help SEO

I encourage you to update your website periodically, quarterly at a minimum. This can improve SEO. And you should update your site anytime you need to change prices, product descriptions, or announce news.

With WordPress installed on your site, it’s right at your finger tips.