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Easy Holiday Card Mailing

If you send any kind of cards anytime, Maureen at StayInTouch.me makes it easier.

First some background: I’ve know Maureen Montalvo for over 15 years. She represents Send Out Cards, an easy click-and-send service for greetings cards…thank you cards, birthday cards, client-contact cards, anything cards. 

Over 16,000 Designs to Choose

Maureen offers an online system for mailing cards from your computer or smart phone. Pick from 16,000 designs, upload your own pictures, or create your own design. Send a card to 1 to 1000+ people. Your card is printed and inserted into an envelope and mailed.

You can even add your own signature or create your own hand writing font to make your cards even more personal. If you regularly send greeting cards for business, this could be a perfect fit. And it’s great for personal cards, too.

Wanna know more? Visit Maureen’s website. That’s the best place to get more info.

Where to Find Maureen: StayInTouch.me