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Dear Governor Wolf, Please watch this quick video.

An open letter to Governor Tom Wolf (and others) About Framing Yourself In Video

Dear Governor Wolf,

Please watch this short video or read this post. Thank you.

We’re all engaged in personal video publishing these days, whether it’s business or personal. I wrote a blog post just a few days ago about how to frame yourself on video.

And then this image showed up on the news.

I’m sure Governor Wolf has better things to do than futz around with every detail in these videos. He’s prioritizing properly for a governor, ya know. But maybe he could take a second to tilt the camera just a little.?.?

How Big Should You Be On Screen

In my survey, I found the heads of most TV anchors are about 50% the height of the screen with about a 10% gap above their head.

Anyway… here’s the video.

Vice President Joe Biden and Governor Tome Wolf - Video Screen Capture where Governor Wolf if Very Low in the Frame