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7 Bits of HTML Everybody Should Know

Introduction – 7 Bits of HTML Everybody Should Know

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All websites are code, hypertext markup language (HTML).

When you edit a website, you edit the HTML code.

Anybody who edits a website should know something about HTML.

That’s the conclusion I’ve come to after years of developing websites. When done right, good HTML is good for search engine optimization (SEO), accessibility, mobile friendliness, and more. And many novices aren’t doing it right.

Point-and-click systems (page builders) give novices the option to move things around, change fonts, add animations, and lots more. But behind the visual design is the code, the HTML. When used by beginners, point-and-click systems often lead to bloated sites that are slow, fail accessibility tests, and hurt SEO.

Series of Tutorials

So I created a series of tutorials for anybody who writes for or edits a website on any system. These tutorials start with my first 7 bits of HTML site editors should know:

  • page title
  • meta description
  • headlines
  • paragraphs
  • image alt text
  • local markup/formatting (strong/bold & em/italic)
  • links

I try to keep the videos short and packed with good info. So I hope this is a useful, informative series for my clients and all non-experts who edit a website.

Other Important Concepts in Website Design, Editing and Publishing

I also share some best practices. But only those important to writers, editors and point-and-clickers. I mostly avoid developer-level stuff unless it’s relevant.

Send Me Your Questions

Please send me your questions when doing these tutorials. Or send me topics you want me cover next. I appreciate any ideas, questions or feedback.

    Tutorial: Introduction & Orientation

    And here’s the first tutorial.