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Unify Your Photographs for Better Design

Here’s the quick tip: when you have head shots or product shots on your site or in your print material, create your images with the same set up, lighting and background. It makes for a better appearance.

While updating the Salon 705 website, we updated the head shots for the stylists. The pictures on the old site were taken at different times, in different places, with different lighting. The new pictures all have the same background and lighting. They seem unified, and they seem to unify the whole page. That little thing makes a big difference, much bigger than I expected.

See for yourself. Here’s a screen shot of the current site. Looks fine, really. Nothing wrong with it.

Image Unification Before

And here’s a screen shot of the new design with the updated pictures. The consistent style of the images ties it all together better. Each stylist is holding scissors, which is a nice touch. Even better, it ties in with their craft and the Salon 705 logo.

Image Unification After
Credit to Rebecca Snyder

I want to give credit to Rebecca Snyder, owner of Salon 705. She came up with the ideas here and took the pictures. I did the image retouch and processing in Photoshop, but the themes and consistent look of these pictures are all hers.

Check Out Salon 705

Brandon folks who need more hair styling than I need, call Rebecca for an appointment. They do great work there.

Visit Salon705Brandon.com to learn more.