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Promotional Items

Best Tip Ever for Promotional Items

At a recent networking event, I shared the best tip I ever heard about promotional items, and it’s good enough for it’s own blog post:

The best promotional item is one your clients have in front of them when they realize they need your service.

That’s it. Pretty simple.

For an electrician, that might be a sticker on the fuse box or a flashlight. For a dentist, it could be a toothbrush cover or a toothbrush. For a auto repair shop, it could be a tire gauge or car phone holder.

I have a few generic suggestions: pens, notepads, calendars, and mouse pads. These are routine items, but they are usually kept or passed around. They’re often in front of office workers when they realize they need lots of things.

Popular Item – PopSockets® Phone Holder

Pop Socket Phone Holder

Right now, I think this is a go-to promotional item. A PopSockets® sticks flat to the back of your phone, tablet or case with its rinsable, repositionable gel. It makes handling a phone easier…a lot easier.

The bottom line for business: this item is kept and used. It keeps your logo in front of people.

Quantity 100 500 1000
Retail Each $5.08 $5.02 $4.98

After discounts, I expect this item to start at $3.99 each.

  • White/Light Gray
  • Imprint: One Color
  • Setup: $41.67

Call (813) 685-9206 for more information.

Promotional Pens

Choosing a Promotional Pen

It seems simple, choosing a promotional pen. And it can be. But you have LOTS of options. You should begin your selection with one of three different priorities:
  • quality
  • budget
  • consistency


When you want a quality pen, you have two broad categories.

Gift Pens

Gift PenThis are typically metal, and start around $3 each and go up to $1763.21 each. Really! I can sell you a pen for $1763.21. Please buy one. 🙂  Here’s the link. Back to reality. They start around $3 each and go to more than $100 for high-end pens and desk sets. These are nice gifts for top clients and VIPs.

Mid Range Giveaway Pens

These are nice pens but still affordable for quantity giveaways like trade shows. Prices are between $.75 and $3 each.


When budget is a high priority, there are always budget pens on sale or close out. Some can be as low as $.12 each when you buy high quantities and can wait for overseas production. Otherwise, $.35 each for a quantity of 300 is a good planning point. The disadvantage is you won’t necessarily find the same pen on sale the next time you buy pens.


When you want the same pen all the time, you generally can’t buy based only on price. You can still get a budget pen, but it might not be on sale when you’re ready to restock.

Best Bets for Budget and Consistency

Here are some good options that are usually in stock and meet most budgets.

Dart Style Pen

This style is available from lots of suppliers, so it’s virtually always available for $.45-$.60 each. Dart Pen Info

Bic Clic Stic

This is a very popular option. They’re made to order by Bic in Clearwater, Florida, so they are always available with over 600 color combinations. For a basic pen, they are a little pricey at $.78 each (minimum quantity of 300), but it’s Bic quality, and you can often find them on sale. (Recently, they have been on sale for $.57 each.) Bic Clic Stic Info
Creative Services, Graphic Design

Client Thank You Note for Promo Items

Well, I’m bragging a little here by posting a thank you note from a client, a testimonial, if you will.

“I just returned from the Dental Conference and finally have a chance to send a note to thank you for your prompt service and attention while working on the promotional items that we ordered. I was very satisfied with your products, as well as your first class attentive service and will most definitely look to do business with you again in the near future. “

She went on to say that the anti bacterial tooth brush cover was a big hit at the trade show.

Makes for a good day. 🙂