EDDM – Great Value to Reach a Local Market

UPDATE Apr 26, 2016: Current EDDM postage is 17.6¢ each.
A few years ago, the U.S. Postal Service introduced Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). It’s a great option for businesses trying to reach a local audience. EDDM postage (17.6¢ each) beats traditional direct mail postage, which cannot be calculated by mere humans. (Okay, that’s not true, but standard postage is egregiously complicated. Let’s say you’re lucky if it’s 21¢ each, but it can run 28¢ and higher, and you never know until we process your mailing list.) Plus traditional direct mail requires a mailing list (starting at $200 if you don’t have one) and processing (starting at $125). Of course, EDDM has limitations.
  • Size and Weight The piece has to meet EDDM size and weight criteria, but that’s fairly easy.
  • Can’t Select Individual Recipients You can’t select individual address, and you can’t split routes. You mail to entire routes only (a few homes to thousands of homes each).
  • Daily Limits You have to mail at least 200 per mailing and no more than 5000 per day.
  • Take Mailing to Delivering Post Office You have to take your mail to the delivering post office or ship it to each post office.
  • Preparation The paperwork has to be prepared, and the mail pieces have to be bundled in 50s or 100s.
EDDM is not the perfect solution for all businesses, but it’s a good option for any business trying to reach local homes and apartments.
  • restaurants
  • churches
  • brick-and-mortar retail stores
  • car dealers
  • salons
  • home services
  • medical offices
  • car repair shops
It’s also good for reaching residences anywhere in the US, but that requires shipping your mailing to the delivering post office. Nonetheless, it can be a valuable option in some situations.

Comparing EDDM and Standard Direct Mail

Here’s a quick comparison chart.
EDDM Standard Direct Mail
Postage 17.6¢ as of April 2016 It’s complicated. Let’s say 21¢ each and higher.
Mailing List 0 Starting at $200
Mailing List Processing 0 Starting at $125
Can select individual homes No Yes
Can select homes based on demographics Whole postal routes only Yes – Location, age, income and lots more options
Can select businesses Limited. Most routes include more homes than businesses. Limited number of routes have only business addresses. Yes
Send to Named Individuals No Yes

Basic Steps

Here are the basic steps.
  1. Create your printed piece to EDDM specs.
  2. At USPS.com, create an account.
  3. At USPS.com, create a new mailing, select the neighborhoods/routes you want to reach and print your paperwork.
  4. Bundle your mailing with the paperwork.
  5. Take your mailing to the delivering post office and pay 17.5¢ each or pay online when you place the order.
EDDM has a few important specifications like size, paperwork and bundling. You can find more information at the USPS website.

The Bottom Line

EDDM is a cost-effect way to reach homes, especially for businesses with a local market. You can find more information at the Postal Service EDDM website. Of course, Pacesetter Media can print your postcards and take care of your direct mail project from start to finish. Call (813) 685-9206 for more information.