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OBS Studio Screen Capture

Get Ready for Online Meetings

Here’s the new reality: businesses need to participate in online meetings.

So prepare to be on camera at your desk.

  • Get a decent web camera and microphone.
  • Tidy up your background that will show up behind you.
  • Add or move lights for better on-camera lighting.
  • Start learning to use the software and hardware.
  • Preview what you’ll look like and sound like and make adjustments.
  • Do a few tests.

Online Test Meetings Hosted by Pacesetter Media

I’ll host some online meetings so my clients and others can test their setups and learn how to connect. These will be public meetings, but if you want a meeting just for you or your company, let me know. We’ll get it set up.

Send me an e-mail if you’d like to join in these meeting tests.

Online Meeting Service

I know and trust A Better Choice Network Solutions here in Tampa. They offer an online meeting service. Contact David Thornton for help setting up the service. In Central Florida they can come to your office to set up your hardware (taking proper precautions, of course).


Refine Your Skills on Camera

I met Larry Becker 25 years ago when we worked together on video and website projects. His experience includes teaching people to be on camera, on-camera talent, photography, video, podcasts and more.

He’s currently working to launch his new site that goes with his new book “Being Great on Camera.” By the way, he’s been doing this kind of work for years. He’s not jumping onto the band wagon now.

If you want to refine your skills in front of a camera, he can help you and your staff up your game.


Software to Look Like a Professional Production – OBS Studio

OBS Studio is FREE open source software to create live streaming video. You can add your name, title or scrolling text to your live video. And lots more—pictures, video, graphics. (See the screen capture above.) It’s more than adequate for small businesses, and it’s used by many streamers.

I can help you work with OBS Studio, and I can create the right graphics and settings you can import into your system.

For starters, try OBS Studio.


More Tips Coming

Do you have any questions?

I’ll send more tips and ideas in the coming weeks.

Do you have any questions? I’ll answer questions about:

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  • streaming video
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  • using your website for customer and employee support
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